the rights practice: partnerships for rights and justice

Our programmes focus on promoting and strengthening the protection of human rights for the poorest and most vulnerable citizens. Our work is currently based in China in three main programme areas:

  • Improving Access to Justice
    The rapid development of China's legal system since the early 1980s has been uneven, with resources, financial and human, concentrated in urban areas. The lack of awareness of rights and entitlements, as well as the cost of bringing cases and hiring lawyers, exclude many of the poorest households from access to the legal system. The Rights Practice is working with local partners to address unequal access to justice for China's poorest and most vulnerable citizens. [more]

  • Strengthening Public Participation in Decision Making
    Through stimulating awareness and dialogue on the value of public participation, we hope to encourage effective participatory practice in government decision-making.The Rights Practice has prioritised building the capacity of Chinese civil society to contribute to the development of more meaningful mechanisms for public participation. With our local partners we seek to raise awareness about opportunities within domestic law, as well as about international standards and good practice, with the goal of strengthening democratic culture. [more]

  • Promoting Dignity of the Person
    Criminal law reform has been a major concern since our establishment. One of the most challenging areas for human rights is law enforcement in countries where the rule of law is not fully established and democratic accountability is weak. China revised its Criminal Procedure Law in 2013 and signed the ICCPR in 1998. However, legislation and practice still fall far short of international human rights standards. There is no effective presumption of innocence before trial; suspects have little access to bail; and defence lawyers have restricted access to their clients. China executes more people than the rest of the world put together. Torture and coerced confessions are a recognised problem. The Rights Practice works with a range of Chinese partners and funding bodies to combat these abuses, with an emphasis on combatting torture, reducing the use of the death penalty and improving human rights protection for all detained persons. [more]

Through local partnerships we aim to support the demands of Chinese citizens for better human rights protection and more accountable government. Together we develop and implement projects that offer practical and replicable solutions to the needs identified by beneficiary communities. Our Chinese partners range from academic institutions to legal aid centres and community organisations.

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