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Abolishing the Death Penalty

The use of the death penalty always carries the risk of an unsafe conviction and a miscarriage of justice.



Migrant workers

Children of migrant workers denied equal access to education.



Latest news

  • The International Community Must Halt Rapid Decline of Rights in Hong Kong

    On the 24th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover, The Rights Practice co-signed a statement to urge the international community to take effective actions to halt the rapid decline of civil-political liberties in Hong Kong at the behest of Chinese authorities. Read more

  • Criminal Law and Deprivation of Liberty in Xinjiang

    In June 2021, we released a Working Paper on Criminal Law and Deprivation of Liberty in the XUAR. The paper delves into official statistics and Chinese law to try and understand how the criminal law is being used to detain Uyghurs. Read more

  • Lack of Transparency on the Death Penalty Impacts Human Rights

    In March 2021, The Rights Practice responded to a call for submissions to the UN Secretary General. This focused on the consequences of the lack of transparency in the application and imposition of the death penalty on the enjoyment of human rights. Read more