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Abolishing the Death Penalty

The use of the death penalty always carries the risk of an unsafe conviction and a miscarriage of justice.



Migrant workers

Children of migrant workers denied equal access to education.



Latest news

  • Labour Rights Activists Taken Away

    On the evening of 17 December, 2019, Chen Weixiang, also known as Xiangzi, a labour rights activist, researcher and co-founder of WeChat channel Heart Sanitation (Xin Huanwei), an online platform advocating for workers’ rights, was taken from his home in Guangzhou by over a dozen police officers. Read more

  • Farewell Jennifer

    Jennifer Eikren joined The Rights Practice in 2007. She is stepping down this August, after twelve years during which she set up our U.S. office and oversaw an innovative programme of public participation in China. Read more

  • NGO Workers Detained

    On 22 July, 2019, three NGO workers for Changsha Funeng, a public interest law NGO, were detained. Read more