Release Huang Qi

The Rights Practice and 13 other NGOs sign a statement urging China to immediately and unconditionally release citizen journalist, Huang Qi.Read more

Incommunicado Detention Must Go

UN experts raise the alarm about the use of ‘residential surveillance in a designated location’, affirming the use of enforced disappearance to muzzle dissent and punish human rights defenders in China.Read more

Revisions to Criminal Procedure Law

The Rights Practice has written a brief on the draft revisions to China’s Criminal Procedure Law.Read more

UK Parliamentary Roundtable on Xinjiang

The Rights Practice helped to organise a parliamentary roundtable on increased detentions and ill treatment in Xinjiang.Read more

Brussels Roundtable

China's Overseas NGO law is undermining the quality of civil society engagement between Europe and China. Open dialogue is under threat.Read more

UPR Submission

The Rights Practice submits a report for this autumn's UN review of China's human rights record.Read more

Welcome to new UK chair

China gender expert Professor Harriet Evans is the new chair of The Rights Practice.Read more

Engaging with China

Nicola Macbean joins team to research the impact of China's Overseas NGO Law on European China civil society relations.Read more