We all need to keep learning, to develop new skills and to see the world in a different way. This is certainly the case when opportunities to engage, to share and acquire new knowledge are limited by custom, technology or politics.

The impetus to improve human rights will come from a country's own citizens, but the experience of others who have trod a similar path can be invaluable. Ensuring human rights are an everyday reality demands hard work and commitment from everyone from lawyers and policy makers to educators, the judiciary and the police.

The Rights Practice works with a range of local partners from NGOs to universities and lawyers to build knowledge of international human rights standards, to share experience from around the world and to foster skills to share and use new insights.

To make international commitments a reality in China we work with our partners to integrate the principles and obligations of international human rights law into an understanding of Chinese law and practice.     

Our approach to training is grounded in a participatory and empowering learning methodology. We are engaged in an active programme of training and mentoring new trainers.