Human rights lawyer, Wang Quanzhang, is due to be released from prison in China on 5 April, 2020. The Rights Practice has signed a joint statement with ten other NGOs urging the Chinese government to allow Wang to re-join his wife and child in Beijing and not be subjected to future harassment or persecution.

Joint Statement Concerning the Personal Freedom of Wang Quanzhang After His Release
3 April 2020

Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang is expected to be released after completing his sentence on 5
April 2020. Wang Quanzhang was arrested during the 709 Crackdown in 2015. After being secretly detained
for more than 1200 days, he was tried behind closed doors on 26 December 2018, and was sentenced to four
years and six months in prison in January 2019, as well as deprivation of political rights for five years.
To ensure that his treatment after release is in line with Chinese law and international human rights standards, we - the undersigned - strongly urge the Chinese government to:

1. Respect the wishes and basic rights of Wang Quanzhang and his family, and permit Wang to immediately return to Beijing to reunite with his wife and son;
2. Respect and ensure the protection of Wang Quanzhang and his family’s personal freedoms, in particular their freedom of movement;
3. Ensure Wang Quanzhang or his family will not be put under house arrest or constant surveillance;
4. Protect Wang Quanzhang and his family against any future harassment or persecution;
5. Guarantee the equal right to education of Wang Quanzhang’s son.

See full statement: Joint Statement Concerning Wang Quanzhang.