February 2023

Transnational repression is a human rights violation. It has an impact on the rights of individuals, of their communities in the UK, or back in China, and the organisations where they work. There is growing alarm in the UK and elsewhere at the practice of transnational repression.

The Rights Practice has produced a background note summarising findings of a consultation with members of the Tibetan, Chinese, Uyghur and Hong Kong diaspora at a workshop in London. The note outlines the types of transnational repression that participants at the workshop believed to be initiated or supported by Chinese state actors. We also highlight the need to develop an effective and comprehensive response to transnational repression that impacts UK residents.

Failure to address transnational human rights violations will embolden perpetrators such as the Chinese Communist Party. An effective response should be accessible and trusted. It should also be founded on human rights.

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