In July 2023, The Rights Practice releases its latest briefing paper "Disappeared by the State: Tracing Uyghur Relatives in China”. In the paper, we address the large-scale deprivation of liberty of Uyghurs, and other Turkic populations, in Xinjiang, China. We shed light on the dire situation faced by Uyghurs trying to find their family members and the lack of transparency from Chinese authorities.

Chinese officials claim that individuals sent to 'vocational education and training centres’ have "graduated", but the Uyghur community continues to ask, "where is my family?" China's failure to provide timely and accurate information to relatives, governments, and the UN violates international human rights law.

Our report highlights the obligation for states to acknowledge deprivation of liberty and provide information on detainees' whereabouts and conditions in detention. We emphasise the humanitarian imperative for families to know the status and well-being of their relatives. The lack of transparency allows for the ill treatment of detainees, including reports of torture and sexual violence.

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